Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer of My Utah Writers: THE DARK DIVINE

If you are a fan of the Twilight series, you will enjoy Bree DeSpain's The Dark Divine. And if you DON'T like Stephanie Meyer's vampire trilogy, you'll STILL like Divine. Bree's first published novel is a paranormal romance that EXcludes vampires, but focuses upon the other scary but alluring monster who wants to do what is right. (Isn't the cover DIVINE, too?)

Grace Divine, the pastor's daughter, is the main character who must go against her near-perfect brother in order to support Daniel, a troubled friend whom they both loved at one time. (Click HERE to read the first chapter!)

While there are similarities between Grace and Bella of Twilight fame, Bree pulls in enough twists and turns to end the comparisons. I do enjoy Bree's stronger female lead, but like all 16-year-olds, affairs of the heart can weaken the best of intentions.Sigh.

Check this out, if you don't believe me!

Family dynamics also play a big part in developing the Divine plot, and that strengthens the "normal" in paraNORMAL! All in all, the novel is a romping page-turner. Way to go, Bree!

The Lost Saint, Bree's second book, is a sequel to The Dark Divine, and it will be available in December! These books are 2 reasons paranormal romances are ALIVE and WELL!

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