Sunday, August 1, 2010


Last Friday evening, I lounged on our deck, periodically enjoying the view as I read the last third of A.E. Cannon's novel The Loser's Guide to Life and Love. My husband busied himself with mowing, trimming, and watering our thirsty back yard. Occasionally, he interrupted HIS yard work and MY reading with a comment: "Are you enjoying yourself?" or observation: "I hope you're not overdoing."

I ignored his sarcastic remarks because a) I know he loves to work in our yard; b) I could NEVER do it to his satisfaction; and c) I really was enjoying myself! The July evening was much like the June midsummer eve described in the novel, minus dragonflies flitting about everywhere. And every few paragraphs, I laughed out loud - you know "lol". I've read humorous books that make me smile, but not so many that prompt audible giggles, chuckles, or snorts. (Yes, I even snorted.)

Loser's Guide is a perfect YA summertime read. It has fun elements like the lazy feel attached to long, warm days, a summer job that isn't the best but beats most part-time work; and most importantly, a summer romance based upon deceit. Yes, Ed's job at a movie rental store opens the door to the romance. Because he HAS to wear a name tag that claims the wearer is "Sergio," Ed adopts the persona of a romantic Brazilian transplant when the beautiful Ellie enters the store and his life.

(I couldn't help but remember the summer I was 14 and met a cutie in Las Vegas on our trip to Southern California. I lied and said I was 16 and for 3 hours I enjoyed a summer romance with a very handsome 18-year-old who was heading for college. We even wrote each other for about hmm 3 weeks.)

Besides the complicated premise, Ann (aka A.E.) develops endearing characters: the very funny Ed; the patient and slightly satirical Scout (aka Aurora Aurelia); the handsome geek Quark; and the deeper-than-you-think Ellie. I also love Ali, and who in the world of this novel doesn't love the exotic store owner who brings mystery, charm, and a Midsummer Eve celebration where "friends and friends-to-be" are invited to party from dusk to dawn?

This is a light-hearted romp readers will truly enjoy. It was the pick-me-up I longed for after reading wonderful, but sad novels about desperate teens. I LOVED Losers! And I really like that Ann Cannon, too!

P.S. When I finished the last page, G.E. finished the yard work. He turned to me and said, "Hmm. I feel like the paid gardener hired by a rest home." Bless him. 

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Ann said...

Awww. You're a doll. Love your blog. Love your funny posts on my blog. Thanks!