Monday, February 22, 2010

What is UTIPS, and How Can I Use It in My L.A. Classroom?

Dear Colleagues, 

My friend Roseann Markham is the Secondary Language Arts Instructional Specialist for Granite School District. We often work together on a variety of State or Wasatch Front committees, and I greatly respect her knowledge and expertise. I recently asked Roseann if she'd be willing to "guest-author" a post for my blog, and she kindly agreed. 

Because Roseann recently trained some Granite teachers about the value of Utah Test Item Pool Service (UTIPS), I requested that she summarize that training here. I have been unable to copy and paste the included graphics, and so I created a link to this valuable information. I realized this format is better because the PDF creates a preferred printed copy. 

I know UTIPS isn't a flawless resource, but it can be more helpful than most teachers realize. If you don't know much about this service; if you've never used it; or if you didn't have much success when you did use it, read over Roseann's suggestions by clicking HERE. You will be so glad you did. 

And thanks to my friend for taking a great deal of time to create this helpful resource!

Best wishes,


Cat said...

That looks so cool, we must have something like it here.

Ann said...

A note to say thanks for dropping by my blog. And it's a pleasure to read yours, too!