Friday, September 17, 2010

Want to Know Why You Should Join Local Council of the International Reading Association?

TOP 10 Reasons to Join JCIRA
10. You really have NOTHING else to do on Monday night - except collapse from exhaustion. Why not start the process with friends at JCIRA?

9. There will be FREE food! Maybe districts have axed their food budget, but JCIRA has NOT!

8. It's your DUTY to LITERACY! Just in case you're not doing enough already!

7. You're tired of "SEX, lies, and videotapes." (Uh, I mean DVDs and Blue Ray.) You're ready for "TRUTH, JUSTICE, and THE AMERICAN WAY! (But DON'T count on a guest appearance by the man in blue tights UNLESS he's a Utah author or a character in a book!)

6. You can EARN professional development RElicensure points AND lane change credit, IF so desired, to save up for that day when you need to recertify or lane change raises are THAWED!

5. You will rub shoulders with terrific friends and exemplary educators who LOVE literacy and still ENJOY sharing that love with students!

4. You will have the opportunity to "gather and give" - gather new ideas, knowledge, inspiration AND give of YOUR thoughts, ideas, and knowledge!

3. You can WIN FREE BOOKS! Lots and lots of books! NOVELS! PICTURE BOOKS! PRACTIONERS' BOOKS! (And we all know how much we LOVE books!)

2. You can be part of a great service project - BOARD BOOKS for BABIES! It's an easy inexpensive way to give the gift of literacy to the NEWEST generation!

1. You can grow as a teacher, reader, and WRITER because this year JCIRA members can WRITE with PROFESSIONAL writers - thanks to the kindness of several Utah authors who will present to us and work with us! ISN'T THAT A.W.E.S.O.M.E.?

Be a part of a GREAT organization. We need YOU!

Friday, September 3, 2010

See You in September

Why I love the ninth month of the year:
  • I feel a stronger sense of renewal in September than I do in January.
  • My biorhythm is in sync with the "school-year" cycle.
  • I love new pencils, pens, paper, tablets, folders, organizers, scissors, binders ...
  • EVERY student starts with an A!
  • I'm ready for routine.
  • Crisp air and colorful leaves are just around the corner.
  • I can pull out my sweaters - my favorite items of clothing.
  • I welcome the season of COMFORT foods: soups, chilli, roast and potatoes.
  • Great SEPTEMBER songs: My top 3 - "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire; "See You in September" by The Temptations; and "September Morn" by Neil Diamond.
Why do YOU like September?
Do you remember, 21st night of September?
Love was changing the mind of the pretenders
While chasing clouds away. ~ Earth, Wind, & Fire
 Welcome Back, Friends!!!