Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting Started on My Multigenre Project

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I have thought a lot about the multigenre project I am creating along with Cherri White's class of juniors at Copper Hills High School. At this point, I have settled on two genre ideas. I have a copy of a letter written by my husband's grandmother in 1919. There is little known about her, but that lengthy letter shares some details about her times and about her personality. I have decided to write a response to that letter. I will comment upon what she wrote, but I will also include questions that I would like to ask her because she is one of the five people I want to meet in heaven.

I decided to finally write a research-based article about Irene Colvin Corbett, the Titanic passenger from Utah. Besides fulfilling the requirements for this project, this article will also be submitted to Encyclopedia Titanica, an outstanding website that publishes quality research about the ill-fated ship and its passengers. I have wanted to do this for a long time and decided now is the time. I hope they will publish it.

As for my grandmother, I think I am going to write a narrative that can be added to our family history. I also believe this can be submitted to a geneology website. I still have to think about this choice because my grandma had a very sad childhood and a challenging adulthood. I really want to write something special to honor her.

I am editing this posting because, as often happens with students and teachers, I changed my mind about whom I want to focus upon. I decided to make this an "all-woman" project. Rather than write about Einstein and the Apostle Paul, I am turning my attention to a historical figure I met some years ago: Empress Elizabeth of Austria. She is a very interesting subject, AND she was among those topics that helped launch me into the World Wide Web.

As for the fifth woman, I am toying with the idea of creating something about Minerva Teichert, famed Western artist. I have long been familiar with her works but knew very little about this interesting woman. The students at Copper Hills High have long submitted their projects, but mine will eventually stagger in. If I were in Ms. White's class, I would receive a failing grade; but I had to place this assignment on the back burner. (Think she would accept that excuse?)

In the meantime, if any readers want to examine the details of this multigenre project, click on

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