Monday, December 3, 2007

Integrating Technology

Welcome class members of "Critical Perspectives of Technology in Education" - and any others who have dropped in,

Please respond to the poll attached to the Link 2 Literacy blog, and then share your thoughts about the following questions by posting a comment.

  1. How do you think technology enriches learning?
  2. Do you think students can better learn content when technology is a central part of the curriculum?
  3. What concerns do you have that inhibit your use of technology in teaching content?
  4. If you are happy with way you have integrated technology into your teaching and your students' learning, share the reasons why.

Thank you for taking the time to respond!



Margo Shirley said...

Great technology use questions! We are teaching in the 21st Century to 21st Century students, so I think there is no question as to the importance of learning with technology. I know that we have not figured out all the use "problems" yet, but our students will use the technology tools with or without us. I for one want to “join them.”
Sharing the SWBS on a blog or wiki would let all students learn from each other.

link2literacy said...

Thanks for your comment, Margo. I read a quotation about 21st century literacy that defined it as "the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn." I think that definition is describing the impact of technology on literacy, don't you?