Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Giant Step

Good Morning!

This short posting is to immortalize my first giant step into the blogging world. I have no expectations, just excitement as I launch my thoughts and ideas about literacy into cyberspace, hoping to attract the notice of those interested in discussing this critical subject. Over the next few weeks, I will introduce some topics important to supporting literacy in all classrooms. I imagine that educators will be my audience, but I also hope an interested and informed citizenry will find "Link 2 Literacy" and will contribute to the quality of this experience as well.

With a promise to continue this discussion soon, I must end this mini-introduction to assure myself that it works!

Until later,

1 comment:

Margo Shirley said...

Good Job! Send blog URL out to the readac list and see what comments you get. Good beginning and modeling.