Monday, November 19, 2007

UCIRA Topics

Good Morning, Readers,

I will keep posting in the hopes that someone actually reads what I write! I know it takes time to build an audience, but my goal is to provide ideas and information for the language arts and reading teachers in our district. I want to establish a forum wherein we can share more ideas and information; report on what we have tried and whether or not the learning experience worked as planned; and what we will change before attempting it again.

With that said, I am following through with my promise to report upon the UCIRA convention held this past Friday and Saturday. The keynote speakers and break-out sessions were excellent, and over several days, I will pass onto you what I learned. Some of those topics include the following:
  • Advanced Readers: Strategies to Meet Their Needs
  • Strategic Reading, Writing and Learning in Content Areas
  • Vocabulary Instruction in Less than 10 Minutes a Day
  • Strategies for Teaching with Informational Texts
  • News You Can Use: Tried, True and New Ideas for Using the Newspaper in the Classroom

I saw a few educators from Jordan School District, and I invited them to summarize what they garnered from sessions they attended. I extend that invitation to all!

Furthermore, I plan to write about the Utah Council of Teachers of English conference I attended October 26. Some of those topics include Slam Poetry and Integrating Technology into Classroom Curriculum.

Risking a too lengthy posting, I cannot close this epistle without telling you that I list my fellow educators among all that I am thankful for. You enrich my life as well as the lives of children. Thank you for that.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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