Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Really BEST to Know the BRUTAL Truths

Dear Colleagues,

As I researched information about the Direct Writing Assessment, I discovered a PowerPoint presentation uploaded on the USOE website. As I reviewed the slides, I saw that Education Specialist Jeannie Rowland's November presentation reiterates Mike Schmoker's keynote address at last fall's USACD conference. I like both slide shows; Mike's ties in math more than Jeannie's, but I am creating links to both for you.

I know your time is limited, but I highly recommend that you review one or both of these presentations because they emphasize what we REALLY need to do to improve our schools and better prepare our students.
  • Mike Schmoker's "The Opportunity: From 'Brutal Facts' to the Best Schools We've Ever Had," click HERE
  • Jeannie Rowland's "Practical Assessment Tools," click HERE
Some points I suggest that you review are as follows:
  • What are the "BRUTAL FACTS?"
  • What is the "TEACHER EFFECT" and how does it impact student learning?
  • What can we do as educators to support students in being "college ready" and/or "life successful?" 
  • How would increasing the amount of writing throughout the school day affect college readiness? What are some examples of how we can do this?
  • What other kinds of writing and reading should be emphasized?
  • What kind of school organization can make this happen?
Please share your responses to these comments. Some are VERY pointed. What do you think?

Best wishes,

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