Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Better to BEST

Writing one sentence last night was probably a "cop-out" of sorts, but I really had a rough day. I knew it was by the number of chocolate stars I consumed. (Remember that confection, created by Brach's Candy, from the olden days? I used to think the chocolate always tasted like it had gone way beyond its shelf life, but not the ones in Amanda Hansen's candy dish! YUMMY! I grabbed 2 or 3 every time I walked by, and as afternoon neared, I traveled the long way through the office just so I had an excuse to meander past the chocolate stars!)

Now that I've thoroughly "obscured" tonight's topic, I'll try to find it again. On January 27th, eight teachers joined Leslie Thompson and me in our Inquiry professional development class. We were thrilled that the class carried and even happier that they enjoyed the fast-fleeting 2 hours.

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