Saturday, January 16, 2010

BEST Responses! Reading Aloud to Secondary Students!

Good evening, Friends,

Last Thursday morning I sent out a request for Language Arts teachers to complete a quick online survey about whether or not secondary educators read to their classes. This was in response to a request from KSL Radio host Mary Richards who wanted to chat about that topic. Since I had just written about that very subject, Carolyn directed her request to me, and I sent out the survey.

I want to thank the 70 teachers who took time to answer the 5 questions. I predicted the results would demonstrate that a majority of teachers read aloud to their students, but the numbers quite surprised me! I didn't expect the majority to be so significant.

I thought you would like to check out the numbers, too, and read over some of the comments as well. They are insightful! (Click HERE to view the summary.) Ms. Richards also appreciated the survey, and you can listen to her story - all 35 seconds of it - EARLY Tuesday morning or click onto later that day.

Again, I thank you!


Julie Niles Petersen said...

Unfortunately, I could not see the summary because I do not have a Google account. I would like to see the results.

Not to put a damper on this, but I am guessing that teachers who read aloud to their students were more willing to respond. I cannot imagine a teacher who would proudly say, "I do NOT read aloud to my students. It is such a waste of time." I am sure there are those out there who feel that way, but admitting it to the world is another thing entirely.

link2literacy said...

Thanks for your comment, Julie. I thought anyone could view the results. I'll play around with it some more.

You are right. Only 2 people of the 70 who responded as of last Saturday said they did NOT read to their students. And one commented that she saw it as a disservice to students who NEED to read for themselves. Of course, they do, but reading aloud does have benefits, but like any good instructional strategy, it shouldn't be overdone.