Monday, January 4, 2010

BEST Practices: More SSR Details from Dr, Linda Gambrell

Dear Friends,

In November I shared some highlights from UCIRA, using my notes as the main source. I tried to create a detailed summary with enough information that blog readers could try the suggested strategies in their classrooms. Fortunately, I recently received copies of Dr. Linda Gambrell's PowerPoint presentations, and so I am pleased to pass them onto you as they provide additional and important points.

Dr. Gambrell, editor of Best Practices in Literacy Instruction, writes that her "current interests are in areas of reading comprehension strategy instruction, literacy motivation, and the role of discussion in teaching and learning" (p. v). As you peruse the slides of her presentation, you'll review how she uses discussion as a valuable post-silent reading tool.

Here are some important points to attend to:
  •  How scaffolding influences motivation
  • The 3 principles of intellectual engagement
  • The benefits of social interaction
  • The components of Monitored Self-Selected Reading (MSSR)
    • Number of books students need during silent reading
    • Post-reading activity
(Click HERE to review Dr. Gambrell's presentation:
"Mission Possible: Reaching ALL Readers.")

Additionally, the PowerPoint details "Text Cues: An Intervention Strategy for Struggling Readers" to improve reading comprehension. This strategy requires that teachers create text clues to support struggling readers in retelling what they have read. Note, however, that a gradual release of responsibility moves that task from teacher to students over the course of time.

(Click HERE to check out this important intervention strategy.)

REMEMBER: Depending upon the text, ANY reader can be a struggling reader! Hopefully, these resources can help you help your students. AND, if things don't work out the first time, don't give up. Successful implementation takes practice.

Take care, All!

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